Radon Model House  

Model Radon Demonstration House

The Central New York Coalition for Healthy Indoor Air, Inc. in collaboration with the New York State Department of Health have two Model Radon Demonstration Houses. These models show how radon enters and exits a home thru various pathways both natural and mechanical using theatrical fog. It can be manipulated to demonstrate these various pathways in a visual manner. Excellent prop for home shows, health fairs and educational events. Upon approval these models may be borrowed from the Coalition for such events by filling out the Radon Model House Agreement. Send this completed agreement for approval to Denise at denisesperoulakis@capco.org. Shipping information is located on the Agreement.


Model Only

25"w x 23"h x 5"d

Model with White Hard Case

29"w x 27"h x 9"d

Model, Case, and Shipping Box

29"w x 28"h x 10"d


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Request for Proposal (RFP)  

Request for Proposal to Develop Educational Outreach Campaigns in Central New York's High Radon Risk Areas

The Central New York Coalition for Healthy Indoor Air is seeking proposals for mini-grants to support targeted, locally-designed educational outreach efforts in 16 central New York counties identified as high radon risk areas. These mini-grants, with awards of up to $3,000 each, are available to local health departments, community action programs, county cooperative extension units, local chapters of American Lung Associations and other private and public community based organizations involved in raising community awareness and knowledge about radon.

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